Madhya Pradesh is set to become India’s first Indian state to organise ‘Jal Mahotsav’ or ‘Water Tourism’ next month with a view to attract a lot of tourists to the state. The ten-day ‘Jal Mahotsav’ festival are going to be inaugurated on February 12, 2016 in Hanuwantiya at Indra Sagar Dam, one amongst Asia’s largest […]

“Hitch a ride to beat traffic.” Mumbai may not became Shanghai, like our ministers wished some years past, however we tend to positive square measure high there in terms of traffic and pollution. And before things get as unhealthy as they’re in Delhi, perhaps we will begin taking little steps ourselves. the best of those […]

A spot where each dawn is a blasted of hues, where the superb limestone precipices are left pristine, where the unending extends of sky blue waters will abandon you dumbfounded; that place is Krabi. So only for some time get off the fast track and come find life in moderate movement. Laze on the White […]

Sunday Brunner could be a distinctive thought, farm to table. Farm to table is a concept that refers to the stages of production of food ranging from harvest to consumption. it’s related to sustainable and community supported agriculture and makes an attempt to teach the purchasers regarding the link between farmers, farm communities and also […]

Home security cameras are sometimes a little yawn-worthy, however this one is additional sportive than most. It’s known as Ulo, and it is a home security camera that appears sort of a cute bird of Minerva. Like all the simplest styles, it does not solely look cool, its quirks add some terribly handy practicality too. […]

As its name obviously says, Couchsurfing is a site (also an app) that places explorers in contact with local people that may have an extra bed or sofa and are willing to welcome outsiders over. There are a great deal of preferences to utilizing this technique for voyaging : it makes you meet new companions, […]

New technology has make unbelievable progress since the days our guardians stalked the airplane terminal, snoozing off to whatever rubbish the nearby report was radiating about. Once in the past, your alternative for compact figuring force was a portable PC. At that point came the time of the cell phone and tablet PC. We can […]

Indian Railways are more than simply traveling. It’s a life time experience that depends on legion things like comfort, Journey Route and also the most vital is food in train and at station. Nowadays we tend to are going to indicate various mouthwatering food destinations (railway station) across the India. presently we are aiming to […]

Himachal Pradesh high court on monday granted fortnight time to get rid of the deficiencies as pointed out by the team of Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA to form the Shimla airdrome at Jubbar Hatti functional. The airport Authority of India (AAI) had filed reply to the petition filed concerning non operation of flights […]

Indian Railways is operating Buddhist Tourism Circuit Special Train through its PSU Indian Railways Tourism & Catering Corporation (IRCTC). This train has six trips in the season 2015-16, which started on October 31, 2015 from Delhi Safdarjung Station. During its 7 nights / 8 days journey from Delhi, it would cover important sites such as […]