The Indian Railways has announced the launch of a theme known as Vikalp on pilot basis from November 1. Through Vikalp Indian Railways about to offer confirmed tickets to passengers on the waitlist, who are forced to travel with waiting tickets, on another trains on a similar route to make their travel smoother and hassle-free. […]

India, the unbelievable country hosts various vacation destinations that are not possible to hide in an exceedingly time period. There are some places that you’ll be able to fancy in your childhood, some places ideal for teens and twins, some places ideal for teenagers and a few square measure ideal for aged folks. Here are […]

The giant paw prints inside the dense foliage wordlessly escorting you somewhere. Your heart is pounding, the silence is making you nervous and there we’ve got a bent to are! Suddenly out of obscurity, an oversized attempting creature with quiet but horrific eyes comes out of the wilds. A firm head, sharp teeth and long […]

Good news for all the veggies out there. Finally there’s one thing to seem forward to. Spiceklub may be a theme primarily based edifice, the theme being Molecular Gastronomy. This place serves Indian food with a twist in it. The everyday recipes and also the street food square measure conferred in an exceedingly fully totally […]

Just because you spend lavishly on the trip, doesn’t mean you have to sit in your hotel room the whole time. With a little bit of work ahead of time, you can escape the resort without breaking the bank. Here are four easy ways that you can save money while traveling: Sign Up For Local Deals – […]

Digital photography is one of the best parts of travelling in present modern era. Whether you’re carrying your DSLR around with you or having selfies on your cellphones, being able to capture all moments are definitely a fun way to document your vacation. But at the end, the most annoying work is to figure out […]

When it comes to summer, lounging by the pool is always the first thought in our mind. Whether you’re a beach or a pool person, you can’t deny that lounging by the water can make you blissfully content.Relaxing, soaking up the sun and sipping on an ice cold drink can make for the perfect summer day. So […]

  Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival that’s held in the appropriately named town of Boom in Belgium. With roots that can be traced back to 2005, this event has grown into one of the best known global festivals, organised by Dutch Dance music super-promoters ID&T – a company named after the three initials of […]

The most famous fast food chain ” KFC ” has tied up with IRCTC to start a serving KFC ‘s meals to people trvelling in trains. Now a person travelling on train can order KFC meal, while booking ticket through IRCTC from July 20 onwards, under e-catering service initiatives, KFC said in a statement. Presently, this […]

A fast train from Bhayander moving towards Churchgate went over the buffer at platform number 3 of Churchgate station and climbed onto the south-end concourse. The incident happened around 12 noon on Sunday. Shailendra Kumar who is a  Divisional Railway Manager at Western Railway said that the passengers inside had minor injuries including the motorman LS […]