Singapore is a completely wonderful nation. Its tropical atmosphere implies the plants are rich and green, making the island resemble a genuine urban wilderness. The special blend of notable old structures and customary society with high rises and powerful representatives make for an exceptional occasion goal. You get all the fervor of a major city and all the marvel of going by a nation with a rich and assorted history.

In case you’re arranging a trip to Singapore yet have positively no clue what to pack, I’ve assembled this manual for help you. I was sufficiently fortunate to live in Singapore for a number years and visit a couple times each year, so have truly calibrated my pressing rundown. I likewise have some awesome assets On the best way to discover your way around Singapore, Must-attempt sustenance, 29 things to do in Singapore, Where to stay in Singapore and hotel reviews.

My main tip for pressing your Singapore bound bag, don’t over pack. There’s very little you can’t purchase in Singapore in the event that you overlook something and contingent upon where you go, it’s truly modest and simple to purchase every one of your essentials. Keep in mind folks, toning it down would be ideal!

What to pack for an outing to Singapore

Umbrella and rain gear – On account of its area, the normal temperature in Singapore is relentless lasting through the year. It ranges somewhere around 25 and 31 degrees celsius and moistness is high, more often than not between 70% – 80%. The hottest month is April and the coolest month is normally January, with November being the wettest month. There isn’t really a wet or dry season in Singapore, and it’s normal to experience rain every month. It for the most part rains in the evenings and early nights. Trust me when I let you know that when it downpours, it ridiculous downpours. So ensure you pack a better than average umbrella and other downpour gear you think you’ll need. The two primary storm seasons in Singapore, where it rains more than expected, are December to Spring and June to September.

Mosquito repellant – It’s imperative to pack a decent mosquito repellant and some other irritation control items you think you may require. There are consistent showers done to remain focused of mosquito-conceived maladies, similar to dengue fever, yet it’s still imperative for you to play it safe, particularly in case you’re going by territories on the external locales of the island, similar to the Night Safari and Zoo.

Sun-smart gears – You’ll unquestionably require a cap and sunscreen with high SPF to shield you from sunburn. I generally prescribe the high SPF sunscreen as you most likely are aware it’s great quality. Keep in mind, sunscreen is just on a par with its client and it’s dependent upon you to reapply amid the day to guarantee you don’t get singed. So also, a rash-shirt or sun-shirt is a smart thought too for those long days by the pool. Keep in mind, shady days mean U.V beams! Try not to be misled if there’s no sun, you can at present smolder.

Heavy-duty antiperspirant – It’s truly imperative to pack a decent quality antiperspirant as you will sweat more because of the warmth and the exact opposite thing you need is to feel and noticing unpleasant following a major day strolling around in the warmth.

Swimmers ear medicines – I got a terrible ear infection from swimming and the humidity, which meant my ear didn’t dry out properly. There are products you can buy from a chemist to prevent swimmers ear and treat it quickly if it does happen.

Cash – Don’t be excessively worried about changing a considerable measure of cash before you land in Singapore. There are ANZ and different ATMs all over, they’re sheltered and simple to utilize. On the off chance that you do need to change cash, there are cash changers wherever as well and once more, they’re protected and simple to get to.

Be careful with what you bring into the nation – There are strong restrictions on what you can bring into the country, especially around alcohol and cigarettes. It’s really important you thoroughly check the allowances before you enter the country or you could find yourself in trouble!

Comfortable, light clothing– Pack light, breathable clothing that isn’t restrictive. I would recommend women packing cotton shirts, skirts and dresses and anything else that is easy to move around in. It really is very hot so it’s not a good idea to try to wear synthetic clothing that clings to your body or causes you to sweat.


Comfortable shoes – Pack comfortable shoes for strolling around in. You might need to pack a couple of runners in case you’re arranging a major day of strolling, I generally pack shoes and so forth on the grounds that my feet get excessively hot in runners. In case you’re going to sanctuaries in Little India you might need to wear shoes that are anything but difficult to slip on and off.

Decent attire – While I generally prescribe you eat at Seller Focuses and sustenance courts, you might need to treat yourself to a dinner at a pleasant eatery. Singaporeans take awesome pride in their appearance and once in a while look scruffy, so it’s a smart thought to pack one decent outfit to wear to an eatery.

Make a little kit bag– I generally have a little pack with some wet wipes and hand sanitiser in it. Singapore is famously perfect, yet in the event that you visit a nourishment court or Peddler Center you may wind up requesting sustenance you have to eat with your hands, similar to my undisputed top choice Roti Prata … mmmmm so great. On the off chance that you utilize the toilets at a Seller Center to wash your hands you may discover them somewhat dirtier than anticipated. Along these lines, I generally have wet wipes and hand sanitiser in my pack so I can spruce up before I touch my sustenance and after I eat, in light of the fact that sticky food on your hands + humidity  = bad dream.

Tissues – On the off chance that you escape the fundamental visitor regions and head out to the external lying zones of Singapore you may locate people in general toilets somewhat dirty. I’ve had a couple of sad snapshots of being gotten without bathroom tissue, so ensure you have a pocket pack of tissues in your sack, in the event that something goes wrong. Likewise, you can utilize your hand sanitiser and tissues to purify a latrine seat on the off chance that you have to take a seat to go.

Medicines –It’s so easy to buy medicines in Singapore so, aside from your prescriptions, don’t feel like you need to pack absolutely everything. There’s usually a chemist or Watson’s nearby so if you get a tummy ache or headache, you can easily run in and get what you need. I’ve never had any problems getting my ailment communicated to the pharmacist, they’re always great.

Makeup and toiletries – There’s no compelling reason to over pack with beautifying agents and toiletries, it’s so natural to purchase them in Singapore so in the event that you need to spare a couple of kgs in your sack, don’t pack all your body washes, face cleans and cleanser and conditioner. Rather, purchase them when you arrive.


Warm apparel – “Say whaaaaaat? man, you’ve lost your mind,” I hear you say. Trust me, my friend, trust me. Singaporeans don’t really like the heat either, so they set their shopping centre air conditioners to ‘freeze’. You’ll feel like the end of the world has arrived and a scorching hot apocalypse is upon you, so you’ll put on a tiny pair of shorts and singlet-top only to step into a shopping centre and be freezing! I always take a jumper or scarf with me and will quite often wear jeans if I’m going to be indoors all day. ESPECIALLY if you’re going to see a movie…. if you’re going to see a movie, wear snow gear.

Electrolyte drink – It’s imperative you deal with yourself by drinking a lots of water to stay hydrated. In the event that you aren’t accustomed to being in warmth and mugginess like that in Singapore, then consider pressing electrolyte sachets to blend with water toward the end or start of the day, just to keep you legitimately hydrated. This is especially imperative in case you’re strolling around outside in the warmth throughout the day.

Charging station  – If, similar to me, your travel with  portable PCs, an iPad, two telephones, a camera and a GoPro, then you’re going to need more than one force point. By one force point converter and bring a force board with different modules on it. It makes life so much less demanding!

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