“Sher-E-Punjab” – Dhabas To Eat At Around us

Dhabas are a lifestyle for the majority of us – whether it’s for shabby nourishment, midnight suppers or only a stopover on an outing. Furthermore, what is synonymous with dhabas? Punjabi sustenance, obviously ! Sher-e-Punjab, which truly means lions of Punjab, alludes to enormous, bravehearted Punjabis. Also, as joyful as they are in nature is the manner by which liberal they are with flavor in their sustenance. With bits of spread and gobs of cream, Punjabi dhaba nourishment just about should be a cooking in its own particular right!

Investigate the best Sher-e-Punjab dhabas around the nation to go pack up those calories at!

Sher-e-Punjab Gurgaon

kapashera - gurgaon DHABAS_1466247332

The thousand years city is gradually starting to be the sustenance capital of India with a considerable measure of eateries being propelled here rather than Delhi. While the city develops, the populace loves to hang out at their dhabas too. Furthermore, there are 2 in Gurgaon to add to the joy, one in DLF phase 3 and one in Kapashera, so you could simply rushed to the one nearest to you.

dlf 3 gurgaon Dhabas_1466247422

Cheese pulao, dal fry and matar paneer are highly recommended at Phase 3, while dal and tandoori rotis are recommended at Kapashera.

Sher-e-Punjab Manali

original-sher-e-punjab Dhabas_1466247391

They prefer to call themselves the first Sher-e-Punjab. a lot of a restaurant than a dhaba, it’s the everyday feel of punjab with statues of bhangra dancers placed at the doorway. Chole, dal makhani and chicken masala come highly suggested here!

Sher-e-Punjab, Shimla

shimla  Dhabas 1_1466247518

For the souls who need to meander however not simply to Manali, there’s a Sher-e-Punjab in Shimla also. It’s verging on like your dependable versatile system – wherever you go, we take after. Be that as it may, jokes separated, the dhaba cum eatery is well known for its chicken tikka, margarine chicken and gulab jamuns.

Sher-e-Punjab Dalhousie

dalhousie  Dhabas 1_1466247561

Dalhousie has its own “old” Sher-e-Punjab eatery however has rivalry from the first “most established” Sher-e-Punjab in the region. In the event that we do pass by the surveys however, old is gold here. Dal malibu, kulcha and Punjabi chole bhature are suggested.

Sher-e-Punjab Nainital

nainital Dhabas_1466247621

So what does one do night-time of sailing in the lake? Head to the Sher-e-Punjab eatery for some great old North Indian solace nourishment. Stuffed paranthas, Oreo shake and Punjabi tadka daal are a portion of the suggestions.

Sher-e-Punjab, Mount Abu

mount abu Dhabas_1466247651

Much like the pattern in different spots, Mount Abu has 2 Sher-e-Punjabs too; one simply the name, and the other ‘new’. Chicken tandoori, and kadai chicken curry are a portion of the dishes prescribed at the new Sher-e-Punjab and it is paradise for non-veggie lovers.

Sher-e-Punjab, Shirdi

shirdi Dhabas_1466247715

With a genuine Punjabi feel, complete with a tandoor, travelers can’t feel like they are passing up a major opportunity for North Indian sustenance. It gives the satisfactory fuel expected to remain in the long lines to get one look at the divinity. Stuffed paranthas, dal and paneer things are delightful, and deserve your consideration.

Sher-e-Punjab, Nagpur

nagpur Dhabas 1_1466247743

Nagpur has a banquet lawn named after the not really normal dhaba. Also, don’t be shocked in the event that you discover more than one dhaba by the same name in the city. All things considered, they are spreading the Punjabi joy the nation over. The veggie lover dishes come very prescribed.

Sher-e-Punjab, Goa


Situated in the heart at Panjim, Sher-e-Punjab Goa beyond any doubt throws together some flavorful north Indian luxuries. What’s more, besides, has its own site. On the off chance that you need to connect with them, you could send in an email at [email protected] Chicken tikka masala, keema parantha, lacha paranthas and dal makhani have been cited to astonish.

Sher-e-Punjab, Chennai


Chennai’s Sher-e-Punjab is arranged in Perungudi and takes you to the place that is known for Punjab with the sweet-smelling scents one can encounter while being situated outside. Buttermilk, delicate rotis, Sher-e-Punjab Chicken are a portion of the dishes raved about.

Sher-e-Punjab, Kolaghat


Situated in Kolaghat, the Sher-e-Punjab here is a popular stopover for people heading out for a trip to Mandarmoni. It is a popular landmark and many-a-time, directions are given from the spot. Dal tadka and rotis are people’s cravings and people drive to the outskirts to enjoy the humble meal.

Sher-e-Punjab, Punjab

punjab final_1466247956

One of the more conspicuous Sher-e-Punjabs in Punjab is the Sher-e-Punjab Parkway Dhaba in Mansa on the Sunam-Bhatinda thruway. It’s open from 6 AM – 12 AM. The dhaba is completely cooled and is entirely simple to discover. Everything comes suggested here – it’s Punjab all things considered!