Summer vacation in India So the summers are approaching and as we all know it, the temperatures soar to new highs in India. The hot heat makes everybody last cowl. However, the country is known to please everyone in a method or another. it’s a number of the most effective places where you’ll beat the […]

Here comes long awaited year “2014” . The year has enjoyable eight long weekends and you could add add eight simply more to enjoy your holidays. That brings the total number of days you can travel up to 53 in a year! Here we are to plan your exciting travel plans: A beach in the […]

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1949, gifted an Indian elephant to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo to cheer up the Japanese children who were still suffering from the aftermath of World War II. The elephant, named Indira, is no more but the Japanese remember the gesture and fondly talk about it over a few glasses of […]