Singapore is a completely wonderful nation. Its tropical atmosphere implies the plants are rich and green, making the island resemble a genuine urban wilderness. The special blend of notable old structures and customary society with high rises and powerful representatives make for an exceptional occasion goal. You get all the fervor of a major city […]

Often described as a national pastime, eating-out is an integral cultural experience in Singapore. Owing to its multi-cultural population, Singapore is a haven of many cuisines. The country is obsessed with food (Singaporeans eat five meals a day!) and the various Malay, Thai, Indian, Chinese and other fusion dishes that have developed over the decades, comprise Singaporean […]

A break with family, reward for good grades or birthday celebrations whatever your reason might be for taking your kids on a holiday, there can hardly be a destination better than Singapore. Situated in Southeast Asia, Singapore enjoys excellent flight connectivity from India and can easily accommodate your last-minute holiday plans. Besides, Singapore is one of the safest […]